DAM Studio Training 

Get the most out of the DAM in person,training sessions at the studio where you will have a full session of uninterrupted attention to maximize your results. Sessions vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Customized training for your goals,with a little extra intensity for a better, more productive workout. This plan includes homework and nutrition guidance.

Suggested 3 times a week.

$40/Session- Bundles of 8, 12, 16 or 20 sessions/month

1731 W Baseline Rd #110- Mesa, Arizona 85202

DAM Online Training

Customized Workout Routine to cater to your goals and physical ability. Includes daily workouts and cardio plan utilizing equipment that is accessible to you. This package is great for those who are highly motivated and familiar with gym equipment and movement. Does NOT include nutrition guidance.



DAM Nutrition

A proper nutrition plan is so vital in maintaining a healthy life. It is the root of every change you see within your body; weight gain/loss, acne, hormone imbalances, muscle gain/loss, insomnia, premature aging symptoms, digestive issues. In order to see external changes, you must change the fuel you are putting inside.

Use this as an add on feature or just by itself. I will create a meal plan specifically for your goals: whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or a healthy maintenance plan.Nutrition plan powered by Isagenix.

Plans vary in price.  Consultation is required.Meals and supplements included in price quoted.